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instagram downloader online: Save IGram is a free IGram downloader web app that helps you to download any Photo, Video, Reel, Highlight, or Story from instagram. So that You can watch this downloaded content later or share it with friends and family through other social media platforms. 

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The user interface of this Instagram Saver Web App is designed by keeping user’s preferences and usability in mind so they can easily download Instagram content with just a few clicks. Use Save IGram to save instagram reels, videos, photos, highlights and stories and never miss out on your favorite Instagram content again! The Instagram downloader is a helpful tool that allows you to easily save your favorite posts in your phone gallery.

Save IGram Features

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With the IGram Downloader, specifically the Save IGram Photo Downloader, you can save images from any public post on Instagram. Save IGram help Instagrammers to download pictures posted on Instagram without installing any unsecure apps or taking annoying screenshot.

Introducing the ultimate solution for all your IG video download needs – our IGram Downloader, the Save IGram Video Downloader Tool! With just a few simple clicks, you can easily download any video from Instagram to your device, no matter it’s yours or someone’s else. Whether you want to save a video for later viewing or share it with friends and family, Save IGram made it quick and easy to use.

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With the Download IGram tool – Save IGram Reels Downloader, you can easily save and download Instagram reels directly to your devic! With our IGram Reel downloader Tool, you can save any reel video that is publicly available on Instagram. Download IG Reel video that have captured your attention and enjoy them offline whenever you like!

This powerful tool, the IGram Instagram Download tool, helps you download your favourite Instagram highlights and save them to your device, whether it’s your own highlights or someone’s publicly available. Whether you want to save a highlight for personal use or share it with your friends and followers, our Save IGram Highlights Downloader for instagram makes it quicker and easier.

Instagram stories are temporary photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. However, with our IGram Downloader, specifically the Save IGram Story Downloader Tool, you can save these stories to your device within a few seconds and watch them anytime you want. Try Now!

Save IGram - Best Instagram Downloader

Save IGram is an online tool for Instagram Downloader. This webapp Support download Videos, Photos, Stories, Reels and IGTV from Instagram withinin few simple steps.

Save-igram is a website that helps you to download high quality Instagram content (download Instagram videos in mp4 format, download IGTV videos, download Reels videos, download Photo, Download Story). Just paste the Instagram URL into the input box on the save igram website to download any Instagram content.

Frequently Asked Question

copy instagram link


1.  Copy Link

Copy the link by clicking on 3 dots (…) on instagram post & then click on “Copy Link”



paste instagram link

2.  Paste Link

Then Paste the “copied link” in Input Box (Paste directly, tap on Paste button).Then click on”search” icon


download instagram content

3. Download jpg/mp4

Now Wait a bit to get Photos/Video & then Click “Download” to Save this in your device

Nowadays the most convenient file format for downloading images is jpg . As for the videos, the mp4 file format is still considered to be most popular in the world, that ensures high quality and small video file size. That’s why Save IGram support these two file formats for instagram downloading

Downloading Instagram posts, such as photos, videos, and reels, can be done easily using a reliable Instagram photo downloader WebApp like Save-igram. To download instagram post, simply copy the link of the post you want to download from the Instagram app, then open a web browser on your device and navigate to the Save-Igram website. Next, paste the copied link into the text box provided on the website’s homepage and click “Download.” The post will then be processed and made available for download in few seconds, allowing you to save and enjoy your favourite Instagram content offline.

Instagram Saver, also known as Download IGram, is a WebApp created by Save IGram, helping Instagrammers to save and download content from Instagram. It could be a photo, video, or IGTV video, and it could be someone else’s or your own. Instagram has a built-in save feature that allows you to save posts to a private collection within the app. However, if you need to save the post in your mobile gallery or in PC then you have to use 3rd party insta downloader WebApp like

No, insta Downloader doesn’t work on private account. Save IGram protect users privacy and don’t offer downloading of private account

Save IGram is the best, reliable and efficient WebApp that helps you to download instagram content without installing any unsecure app.

You can download Instagram Photos, Videos, Reels, Stories, and Highlights using the IGram Downloader, specifically the Save IGram, the best Instagram downloader online App. Save IGram allows you to download content from instagram anonymously and in high quality format.

Very Easy! Download photos and videos by just following these three simple steps:

1. Goto instagram and copy the URL of that image/video

2. Visit:, paste the link in textbox and press download

3. photo/video will be fetched and visible to you shortly


now click download button to start downloading

Yes, you can download Photos, Videos, Reels, Stories and Highlights using Save IGram IG Saver WebApp. All from your comfort! Anytime. Just visit save-igram paste the URL and click download. Your photo/Video will be available to download shortly within few seconds

Yes! You can download any Photo and Video from instagram using Save IGram IG saver WebApp. You can download Photo/Video only if it belongs to a instagram public account. Save IGram respect user’s privacy and doesn’t allow to download any private content from instagram.

Save IGram is a web application and it runs on all devices: Mobile, Tablet, PC, Notebook and all browsers Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Also it can run on Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Windows. All devices and operating systems are tested. offers everything that you looks from an IG Downloader tool. You can download Photos | Reels | Videos | IGTV | Sotry | Highlights etc.

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