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Introducing Save iGram’s Instagram Photo Downloader – the ultimate solution for effortlessly preserving your favorite Instagram moments. Our innovative tool empowers you to save photos from Instagram directly to your personal gallery or device, providing you with a seamless way to curate and cherish those unforgettable snapshots.



With Save iGram, gone are the days of tirelessly searching for ways to download your cherished Instagram photos. Our user-friendly interface ensures that downloading photos is a breeze, making it accessible to users of all technical backgrounds. Whether you want to capture stunning travel photos, inspirational quotes, or heartwarming memories shared by friends and family, our Instagram Photo Downloader has you covered.



What sets Save iGram apart is its versatility. Not only can you save regular photos, but our tool also supports downloading videos, reels, highlights, and stories, giving you the complete Instagram experience at your fingertips. Our commitment to providing a comprehensive solution means that you can safeguard all forms of content that matter to you, ensuring you never miss a beat in the Instagram world.

Instagram photo downloader:

Your Instagram feed is a treasure trove of creativity, and with Save iGram, you can now curate your very own digital gallery filled with the moments that resonate with you the most. Join the Save iGram community today and start preserving Instagram’s visual storytelling in a way that’s convenient, reliable, and tailored to your preferences. Experience the freedom to save and relive the moments that matter most – try Save iGram’s Instagram Photo Downloader now.

Why to Choose Our Instagram Picture Downloader

why should you choose our IG picture downloader over other options? First and foremost, our tool is completely safe and secure to use. Plus, it’s free, and unlike an Instagram photo downloader, our tool respects user privacy and doesn’t infringe upon it. We understand that your privacy and security are of utmost importance, which is why we take great care to protect your data and never ask for your personal information. The Instagram photo download HD feature is a fantastic tool for users who wish to keep a high-quality copy of their favorite Instagram images.

Additionally, our IG photo downloader is fast and reliable. With this tool, you can download Instagram photos in high-quality without any hassle within few seconds. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to find and save the photos you love, all with just a few clicks.

Why to Choose Our Instagram Picture Downloader

You just need to follow these simple 3 steps to download Instagram post

link paste

1.  Copy the instagram photo URL and paste it in save-igram textfield

2. Click on the Download Button and wait for few seconds for the Results

download again

3. you’ll get the results and now you can download it by clicking download jpg button to start downloading

Frequently Asked Question

copy instagram link

1.  Copy IG Photo Link

Copy Photo Link by just tapping on 3 Dots on Instagram post & then click on “Copy Link”


paste instagram link

2. Paste Photo Link

Then Paste the “copied link” in Input Box (Paste directly, tap on Paste icon).Then click “Download” Button


download instagram content

3. Download Photo

Now Wait a bit to get Photo & then Click “Download .jpg” to Save Instagram Image

Yes, Save-igram is a completely free service that allows Instagram users to download Instagram photos from public accounts at no cost. We currently do not offer an Instagram private account photo download feature out of respect for user privacy. Our goal is to provide a convenient and easy-to-use tool for Instagram users who want to save their favorite photos without having to take screenshots or go through complicated processes. With Save-igram, you can quickly and easily download Instagram photos and to customize your device, all at no cost.

The legality of saving Instagram photos can be unclear as Instagram’s terms of use prohibit modifying or distributing their services or software. However, it may be legal to save photos that are in the public domain or with the owner’s permission. It’s essential to always respect the copyright and ownership of others’ content and use IG photo downloaders like Save-igram for personal and non-commercial use only.

To download Instagram photos on your iPhone or iOS device, simply copy the link of the photo you want to download from the Instagram app, go to website using Safari or any web browser, paste the link into the textbox, and tap “Download.” Then, select “Download jpg” and the photo will be saved to your Camera Roll.

You can download Instagram Photos without installing any unsecure application on your mobile/PC by using Save-Igram. Just go to the browser and write and paste the URL of instagram picture, then click download and that’s it! downloading will start within 2-3 seconds.

We apologize, but unfortunately, Save-Igram doesn’t support download Instagram private photos. While we understand the desire to download private photos, but we respect the privacy of all Instagram users and do not support any actions that may infringe on their rights. We encourage users to download photos that they have permission to access (only public account’s content ) and respect the rights of other Instagram users.

Yes, downloading of content using Save-Igram webapp is very secure. we never ask users for their personal information and never charge any amount for this insta picture downloader tool. The Instagram background photo download option allows you to save those beautifully curated backdrop images, perfect for desktop wallpapers or graphic design projects.

Save igram Photo Downloader: is a web application and it runs on all devices: Mobile, Tablet, PC, Notebook and all browsers Chrome, Opera, Safari, and Firefox. Also it can run on Mac OS, Linux, IOS, and Windows. All devices and operating systems are tested.

Downloading Instagram photos to your device’s gallery is easy with our IG Photo Downloader tool. Simply follow these steps:
-> Open the Instagram app and find the photo you want to download.
-> Tap the three-dot icon in the top right corner of the photo.
-> Select “Copy Link” from the options that appear.
-> Open your web browser and go to WebApp.
-> Paste the Instagram photo link into the text box provided on the homepage.
-> Click the “Download” button.
Once the photo has been downloaded, you can find it in your device’s gallery or camera roll.
Enjoy your favourite photos when you’re offline.